Hole Food Rescue

Hole Food Rescue distributes excess food from grocery stores, bakeries, farms, and several local businesses to organizations serving the at-risk, in-need residents of Teton County, WY. Ultimately reducing the amount of edible food sent to Bonneville County Landfill - 101 miles away! - while creating more food security in our community.Participating food retailers set aside unsellable, yet edible, food products in designated areas for HFR volunteers to pick-up. These food donations are collected by HFR volunteers on a daily basis and brought to the HFR Headquarters where they are sorted and organized for tailored donations. Weather permitting, you may find HFR volunteers biking food deliveries around town with a HFR bike trailer.

Founder Ali Dunford moved to Jackson in 2012 and shortly thereafter found herself diving into local grocery dumpsters. Day after day she returned to the dump, finding high quality, fresh-produce and other food items that had been discarded. After about eight months, Ali became fed up (pun-intended) with the amount of waste she was encountering and set out to find a better use for all this food.

Hole Food Rescue partnered with the Jackson Cupboard and officially launched, June 24, 2013. Hole Food Rescue is based on a model created by Boulder Food Rescue. To learn more about BFR or how to start your own food rescue in the same way we learned, visitwww.boulderfoodrescue.org

Year Awarded: 2014
Amount Awarded: $15,000